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Design of a luxury villa near Prague

In this project, we once again fulfilled the client's wishes. His assignment was clear - I want unusual, sumptuous and luxurious housing. I want something interesting, innovative. And we fulfilled that 100%. In this wonderful villa, we meet gold elements complemented by marble, together with a combination of light wood, which creates a warm impression of home and the inclusion of plants, which represent the freshness and purity of the interior and beautifully connect the two floors of the luxury villa. The space is dominated by a connected living room with a kitchen, which beautifully separates the social part and at the same time gives the area an impression of luxury. Luxurious bathrooms in various combinations of colors are also interesting, where it will be a pleasure to spend time. The wardrobe space is generously enlarged by a mirror located on the ceiling lined with a gold strip, and once again we see an ingenious connection with the main space. Golden details and elements accompany us throughout the villa and thus unify the house in all directions.